About Us

The techonology distribution company

We are driven by our vision

International Distribution Network SAL (IDN SAL) enables companies and individuals to achieve their imaging, processing and publishing goals to the highest possible standards, with the best possible equipment. Part of the Habis Group holding company, the roots of our operations extend back to 1982, giving us the sound advantage of experience gathered over 30+ years in the middle-eastern market.

Founded by Mr. Gabriel Habis in 1999, IDN SAL has constantly partnered major banks, hospitals, publishing houses and advertising agencies with the best imaging technology products and services to cater to the high degree of specialization of each industry.

Today, when ideas are limited only by imagination, we have been at the forefront of making ideas come alive in the Middle East for the last 30 years. With technology growing in leaps and bounds, the best solutions today also demand the most up-to-date technology. Our belief in the same has helped our clients with cutting-edge solutions at the most cost-effective means possible, with the right support from our team.