Why the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) prefers EIZO monitors over other brands

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), the Number One Bank in the UAE, was incorporated in 1968 and is listed in the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX), under stock code NBAD.

NBAD has one of the largest networks in the UAE with an expanding network of 125 branches in the UAE and an international network of about 60 branches and offices in 18 countries stretching across five continents, giving it the largest global network among all UAE banks. 

NBAD’s vision is ‘to be recognised as the World’s Best Arab Bank’. Achieving this vision requires it to provide exceptional products and services to its customers, by utilizing the best available resources and tools.

In December 2007, Mr. Mohammed Zidany (CIPM) – Head of Operational Support and Administration in Global Markets, NBAD approached us – IDN – the authorized Middle East-region distributor of EIZO monitors. His move was based on Eizo’s reputation as the leading monitor brand for financial trading offices.

At that point of time, multi-monitor setup consisting of four 19-inch square EIZO monitors was a necessity for each operator on the new trading floor of Global Markets in NBAD’s head office building. The selection criteria were reliable 19-inch square monitors; upstanding image display quality; sustainability over long periods of usage; capable of insuring operator’s comfort.

From that point onwards, NBAD considered EIZO as its number one choice for the dealing rooms, in all their branches. On further probing, it came to avail EIZO monitors for its traders, sales, middle-office and support group offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. A total of 612 monitors were deployed with about 20 monitors in spare.

“Overall, we are satisfied with our choice of selection from EIZO monitors for our trading floors in UAE and abroad via IDN who have supported our business growth.”

-Mohammed Zidany, NBAD


Benefits of choosing EIZO

Operators on NBAD’s Trading floor are now able to simultaneously view large amounts of information on their four 19-inch square monitors. They can comfortably use various financial trading systems such as financial market service providers, operating-risk systems, pricing and modeling systems as well as a wide range of e-commerce and online trading portals, Financial Statement Analysis (FSA), interest rates modules, and several data being displayed on their EIZO multi-monitor setup.

Multi-monitor setups are essential to quickly and accurately track financial reports. The eye-fatigue reduction feature in EIZO monitors ensured that operators could comfortably concentrate on the number even over excessive periods. Besides NBAD’s employees (users) have come to value the high-resolution and quality display functionality of EIZO monitors

The setup design is ideal as it can be easily re-arranged to adapt to the trader’s viewing requirements. EIZO’s high-quality image display comes in handy to maintain the operator’s concentration for readings and subsequent corrective actions. Over the last brand of monitors that NBAD employed, it complimented EIZO’s products for its durability, warranty and after sales support it offers.

The flexibility and benefits that EIZO products offer were not apparent from its specs. The long service life and distinguished warranty that comes with EIZO’s products add to its overall value. Another important advantage for large-scale installations such as at NBAD is the low power consumption that reduces considerable running costs.