Why the National Command Center of Doha, Qatar prefers EIZO monitors over other brands


The National Command Center (NCC) of Doha, Qatar is one of the most modern centers in the region. It was established in 2006 with the objective to control the crises and disasters. NCC consists of representatives from various departments such as Traffic, Rescue Police (Al-Fazaa), Coasts and Borders Security, Civil Defense, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya), Ambulance Operation Room and the Ministry of Interior (MoI). 

NCC’s mission ‘to offer the most accurate and fast service to the ministry so as to enable the security forces 'to provide peace and security guaranteeing the protection of national security’. Achieving this mission requires it to count on reliable resources and tools.

The Contact

In 2006, Mr. Mohammed Beyrouthy – System Expert in the Technical Affairs Department, NCC approached IDN – the authorized Middle East-region distributor of EIZO monitors. His move was based on EIZO’s reputation as the leading monitor brand for control rooms.

The Analysis

IDN's experts studied NCC's operations, daily online tasks of its operators, carried out surveys and made an analysis of their usage. It came to understand how the NCC could boost its potential through high-end tools which now needed to be carefully selected.

The selection criteria included:

  • Highly-productive, reliable multi-monitor support

  • Upstanding image display quality

  • Sustainability over 24/7 periods of usage

  • Smooth touch interactivity

  • Capable of insuring operator’s comfort

  • VESA mount support

The Solution

It was clear that multi-monitor setups were required for every operator in the Operation Room of the NCC building.

IDN recommended a multi-monitor unit consisting of two 17-inch square EIZO monitors and one 17-inch square EIZO Touch monitor with the Push-to-Talk button for every operator.

The NCC considered IDN's recommendation, given it's experience and expertise with which IDN carried out the analysis.

The Review

It wasn't long after that the NCC considered EIZO as its number one choice for the operations' rooms in all its branches.

Recently, the NCC even upgraded it's setups with a new selection of EIZO’s state-of-the-art 19-inch square S1903F and L761T-C monitors. A total of 514 monitors were deployed in 2014 with about 30 monitors in spare.

“Dealing with IDN was effortless, they understood our every need and came back with an all-round solution our operations today cannot do without. Their products even ensured the operators' comfort and eye safety. In fact, the transition period involved zero downtime.”

-Mohammed Beyrouthy, NCC


The Benefits

The operators in the NCC’s operations room are now able to simultaneously view large amounts of data transmitted by CCTV systems to the four 19-inch square monitors. They can comfortably use various viewing angles, read feeds from the ground team, and several other data being displayed on their EIZO multi-monitor setup.


Such setups are essential to accurately monitor and track activities. The eye-fatigue reduction feature in EIZO monitors ensured that operators could comfortably concentrate on their tasks even after working long periods in front of their screens. In fact, NCC’s employees (users) have come to value the high-resolution and quality display functionality of EIZO monitors.

The interactive monitors was another main reason why EIZO was chosen, thanks to its smooth, quick and reliable interaction with the finger.

The setup design is ideal as it can be easily re-arranged to adapt to the operator’s viewing requirements. EIZO’s high-quality image display comes in handy to maintain the operator’s concentration for readings and subsequent corrective actions. Over the last brand of monitors that NCC employed, it complimented EIZO’s products for its durability, warranty and after sales support it offers.

The flexibility and benefits that EIZO products offer were not apparent from its specs. The long service life and distinguished warranty that comes with EIZO’s products add to its overall value. Another important advantage for large-scale installations such as at NCC is the low power consumption that reduces considerable running costs.