GPP 2015 was worth it!

Year round, the International Distribution Network (IDN) participates in a number of events across the middle-east to showcase the latest products from its high-end partnered brands: EIZO, Microtek, Shuttle, Epson and others.

Our primary objective, however, is to meet and network with like-minded individuals and companies. The Gulf Print & Pack (GPP) 2015 event that we attended earlier this month (April 13 - 16, 2015) was quite a success in all regards.

At GPP, IDN launched two new brands for UAE's print industry: Alwan and Precisa. While the first two days saw a rather small number of visitors, we were overwhelmed by the increasing number of visitors that were genuinely interested in these and our other products over the following two days. In fact, most of the visitors we met at our stall were our exact target audience that gave us invaluable feedback for our new products.

Alwan Color Expertise
Most visitors were happy to know that IDN is Alwan's official partner in the UAE and some have ordered customized solutions to be setup within the month.

Elie Khoury, President of Alwan Color Expertise and the French National Representative of ISO/TC 130, the International Standards Organization’s Technical Committee for the Graphic Arts, attended the event with IDN to oversee Alwan's launch. He even met some of IDN's key clients from the print industry (one-on-one) and answered a many perplexing questions like in this video.

Precisa Print MIS
The demand for a real-time, internal system to enhance a print business' productivity is huge in the UAE. This is what we understood from our visitors at GPP. Gabriel Habis, Founder of Precisa and CEO of Layout Ltd., was also present with us to oversee the launch of Precisa. Mr. Habis is also the CEO of IDN.

IDN 6.jpg (1701×957) IDN Alwan Elie Khoury Gabriel Habis

The next episode of GPP will be held in 2017 and IDN will surely be there.