IDN partners with Precisa Print MIS as their main dealer for UAE

Precisa, print cost estimation software, has signed a distribution agreement with the International Distribution Network, Dubai. Under the terms of the agreement, the International Distribution Network (IDN) will take charge of selling, installing and training of the Precisa software in UAE.

Gabriel Habis, Founder of Precisa and CEO of Layout Ltd, was keen to open the UAE print industry to this innovative enterprise offering, "In today’s fast moving economy, it is not enough to just deliver on time. To stay ahead of the game, you have to manage your costs and increase your margins. Even the smallest costs need to be taken into account. That's where Precisa comes in."

Developed in coordination with leading printing plants, Precisa MIS has estimating modules with an integrated imposition feature, which flawlessly calculate the lowest possible method of printing jobs. Determine your exact profit margin from any quotation by using Precisa Print MIS, and proactively answer your customer’s inquiries in less than 3 minutes. All in all, Precisa helps you to get accurate cost estimations.

IDN proves to be Precisa’s perfect off-shore partner given its longstanding expertise with printing technologies in the UAE. 

About Precisa MIS

The Precisa MIS is backed by an industry expert that’s fully committed to the printing industry's needs: Layout Ltd. With over 25 years of experience, Layout has interpreted its customers’ needs to determine solutions for the printing industry. 

Precisa MIS helps you optimize your business management and improve your business performance. The benefits are many and endless.