Discount for EIZO ColorEdge customers on buying: Alwan ColorHub 5

If you have purchased an EIZO ColorEdge monitor between August 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016, we are providing a special offer for you to upgrade your color match and print quality to a whole new level. As an introductory offer, in association with Alwan Color Expertise, you can now upgrade to the world-renowned Alwan ColorHub software solutions. Fill up this form to avail this discount. 

Alwan ColorHub enables printers, creative agencies and professional photographers to improve their color match, print quality and productivity. The solution has helped several printing presses and publishing houses across the world. Find out how Bemis Company Inc., a global supplier of flexible packaging with 59 facilities in 11 countries, cut their color manipulation time in half. Read the 2-page success story here.

  • - Standardized output PDF colorspace
  • - Optimized Color Separation
  • - Enhanced Colors
  • - Spots simulated with process builds
  • - Proof to Press match
  • - Multicolor printing (HiFi option)
  • - GCR and Ink Saving
  • - Efficiency and ROI
  • - Ink, Cost and Time Saving

Altrernatively, you can get in touch with us at to know how Alwan ColorHub can help you make the most of your creative endeavours.