Real Colors Build Real Experiences: ASI, Dubai

Colors play a substantial role in uplifting the experience of visitors. The thrill of amusement rides follow after. Any amusement/water/theme park designer would confirm that without a hitch. The Amusement Services International – ASI have always known this.

ASI offers concept to completion turnkey solution for the setup of amusement, leisure, entertainment and F&B destinations across the world since its inception in 1999. It has executed an array of successful projects across the globe and in the Middle East. To name a few:

  •   - Aamby Valley Sahara Lake City, India
  •   - Al Hokair Group, KSA
  •   - Jebel Jais Mountain Resort, RAK, UAE
  •   - The Zone, Atlantis The Palm, UAE
  •   - Tickles, Crossroads, Kenya
  •   - and many more


The tenet at the Amusement Services International has always been to create unique entertainment facilities that stand apart from the competition. Hence ASI has always embraced the latest and high-end technologies, especially in the visual display industry.

The Design Team at ASI

The ASI Design Service Team includes a strong multi-disciplinary group of architects, business analysts, civil engineers, fit-out specialists, visualizers, interior designers, and technical experts. All seated under one roof and driven by the passionate desire to create unique and profitable projects that will eventually emerge as industry benchmarks.


ASI has made sure that the team is always equipped with the latest of technology that is required by the individual user based on their preference. However, in doing so, each member was using their personal favorite brand of display monitor. While some chose to use an Apple iMac, others preferred to work on their Windows-based laptops by Dell, Asus, Lenovo and so on.

Color Confusion

Over time, this resulted in a lot of "miscommunication" at the time of reviewing drafts. The colors the designer initially used in creating models appeared differently on the reviewer's desktop, at times at the client's end. Hence, color related inputs could only be discussed after printing proofs in CMYK which had to be done with a professional printer.

Every stage of the workflow within ASI itself - as different display monitors displayed different colors. That's when Mr. Hussain, the Design Head at ASI, requested Fazil, the Technical Manager, to find a solution.

In comes IDN - the EIZO experts

Co-incidentally, IDN got in touch with the Technical Manager Fazil Khader who had a request from the design team for color consistent monitors. Rahul Rathnakaran, the Senior Sales Executive and EIZO Specialist, from IDN was aware of such an issue commonplace in design firms (even today). He suggested that the EIZO ColorEdge Series monitors that are known to deliver high-precision and consistent color results. Mr. Hussain was aware of the EIZO brand and the color quality it is known for.

Part of ASI's requirement was for a low-cost solution that will allow them to seamlessly view documents in accurate colors among the design team. Rahul suggested the EIZO CS230 monitors for the team with an Xrite i1 DisplayPro calibrator. To support the range of colors, Rahul also suggested compatible graphic cards to be installed in the CPUs.

Consistent Colors - Now Available

Soon after IDN worked its magic in resolving the color management issue in ASI's unique setup, all the EIZO ColorEdge CS230 monitors displayed standardized colors. Images and designs that the team shared via network folders and emails were visible in consistent colors. No more wastage of time in printing proofs only to see the resultant colors - no more confusion. IDN provided a demo with two CS230 monitors in ASI's office so they could judge the results in their work environment with a trial period. The EIZO-patented Color Navigator software was used to generate ICC profiles specific to their work (such as graphic designing) and the same value was imported in another users screen and calibrated accordingly.

ASI was trained to use EIZO ColorNavigator software to calibrate all the in-house CS230 monitors utilizing the Xrite i1 Display Pro. The easy-to-use software offers a precise color judgment and monitor setting for graphic artists. Only the target value for brightness, white point  and gamma are required to be set. The Amusement Services International were now enabled to build real experiences in a more comfortable environment with truer on-screen colors consistently available. 

Enhanced Working Comfort


The team can now work in peace stress-free and focus on their work alone. The 178-degree x 178-degree (H x V) viewing angle makes viewing completely error-free when two or three persons are viewing the screen simultaneously. The built-in correction sensor in the CS230 maintains the color settings automatically after regular intervals. The CS230 monitor comes with a FlexStand so each user can adjust the screen at the most comfortable angle and reposition it for viewers be it colleagues or clients in the portrait or landscape modes.

"The transition for the team from using the mainstream bright-screened monitors (with flawed colors) to color accurate monitors was gradual. After witnessing the 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' results by EIZO technology, the team was rather thrilled. The monitors we installed are today an indispensable part of ASI's design equipment. Thank you IDN for the steadfast service in supporting the result-driven installation."

Mr. Hussain, Design Head at ASI


The main advantage of EIZO's what-you-see-is-what-you-get technology: the print-ready files are displayed in RGB on screen just as they would be in CMYK print. EIZO monitors are equipped with an IPS panel which reproduce Adobe RGB colors with 99% accuracy on screen - which are match-able with pantone colors. EIZO is confident of the quality it delivers in each of its monitors hence they all come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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