IDN SAL Dinner During The Europe Congress Of Radiology (ECR) 2010 In Vienna

On March 7, 2010, IDN executives invited opinion leaders from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a meet and greet dinner at the Sacher Hotel in Vienna. The dinner event formally included Business Development Manager Christian Lteif and Branch Manager Waleed Kurdi of IDN, the executive distributor of EIZO in the Middle East, and Medical Product Managers and Business Development Managers of EIZO, to establish an understanding of the future needs of the radiology community in Saudi Arabia.


The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) represents the medical specialty of radiology throughout Europe and the Mediterranean. This year’s annual gathering was held in the Austrian capital Vienna from March 4 to March 8.  It is considered by the medical community at large, to be one of the most forward thinking and innovative meetings. EIZO, the leading partner of high-end, high-resolution medical monitors, participated in the congress by showcasing its latest cutting edge products.


ECR is the largest annual meeting of the European society of radiology (ESR) and is now the largest radiological meeting in Europe. In 2010, there were around 19,000 participants in the ECR from 36 different countries.

Dr. Ali Almesned, MOH Radiology Chairman, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Musabahi, KSMC Radiology Chairman, Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-Habdan KFSH-Quassim Radiology Chairman, Dr. Mohammad Al-Thagafi, Alyamama Radiology Chairman and Dr. Mohammad Al-Jared RKH Radiology Chairman. Mr. Kazuto Shinozuka, Product manager of EIZO Medical and Mr. Juergen Heckel, EIZO Business development manager of the Middle East were also guests of this assembly.


During the course of this introduction dinner, Mr. Lteif and Mr. Kurdi discussed the latest advances in the medical digital imaging technologies, as well as the advanced features of EIZO products. They also took the opportunity to visit with the prestigious guests and address any concerns regarding new installations or existing sites.


IDN’s after sales services such as training and technical support were also presented. A swap policy has been setup to minimize downtime and increase efficiency of EIZO products. To show IDN’s and EIZO’s commitment to their partners’ success, the mammography logo will be included on the mammography certified monitors, as per Dr. Mohammad Ali Al-Habdan’s request.


Saudi opinion leaders were very impressed with the technologies of the featured products and requested additional collaboration such as a technical representatives based in Saudi, for direct technical support. A seminar will be held during the RSSA event in Riyadh to present EIZO’s latest technologies, quality control procedures and cutting edge products.