Alwan ColorHub 5



Alwan ColorHub 5

Alwan ColorHub enables printers, creative agencies and professional photographers to improve color match, print quality and productivity with a fully automated color server for all printing devices.

Key Features

  • Color and Printability Enhancement
  • High-Fidelity Color Reproduction
  • Efficiency and ROI
  • Ink Saving
  • Cost and Time Saving

Product Brochure:
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Improved Communication with your customers

Alwan ColorHub recognizes your customer’s expected printed colors and quality requirements (aims and tolerances). This information will be used and communicated to each step of the production workflow thanks to Alwan Job Color Ticket.

Color and Printability enhancement

More than a color server, Alwan ColorHub Dynamic technology optimizes automatically images and PDF files with multiple pages, images and color spaces. The software supports any input and output color space (RGB, Gray, CMYK, Spot, Multichannel) for any printing application. By optimizing your files, ColorHub ensures your output is predictable and more stable, with unequaled color quality.

High-Fidelity Color reproduction

HiFi by Alwan ensures Spot, wide gamut and multichannel color conversions for High quality printing applications with unmatched vibrant colors and accurate spot & brand colors.

Standards conformance

Alwan ColorHub supports the latest industry color management Data Sets, ICC profiles and ISO standards, which ensure color standardization through the entire production.

Most often editorial and advertisement material – images, graphics, tints, spots – are chosen by different operators (from different sources) and have different color spaces. This is why, Print PDF files generated by even the latest Adobe Creative Suite are not supported by many printers' RIPs yet. This is where Alwan ColorHub comes in.

Alwan ColorHub enables design studios, creative agencies, repro houses and publishers to produce problem-free PDFs of a commonly accepted version. It takes any type of PDF in, and outputs a simple CMYK or CMYK + Spots PDF that it can be digested by virtually any RIP, even old RIPs. Any PDF with any number of color spaces is converted into a PDF with all its contents normalized to a standard color space, such as ISOcoated, GRACoL and so on.

The Benefit: No PDF rendering or ripping error at the printer's site regardless of RIP manufacturer and version. No inconsistencies with regard to color. PDF-Proof-Press match in the first go itself.

Alwan ColorHub is used as a color server to manage colors of images and documents prior to their reproduction and printing. It is available in five editions offering the best color management technology for e-media, premedia, prepress and print-production, as well as Alwan’s industry reference Dynamic DeviceLinks® and Ink Savings. 




Ink Saving

Alwan ColorHub removes unnecessary ink coverage from the separations hence using less ink, improving printability and increasing print quality. For CMYK outputs, ink optimization can reduce the amount of used ink or toner up to 30%. With HiFi outputs (15 process inks), Alwan ColorHub can significantly reduce production costs of spot color printing.

Cost Saving

Ink optimization also enables you to save money on consumables and raw material, eliminating waste.

Time-Saving Alwan

ColorHub automatically analyzes, preflights and optimizes your incoming files and enables you to get more productive throughput of files and to achieve faster make-ready and drying times. Ink optimization enables the press to run faster without printability problems such as paper brake and jam, causing maintenance delays.

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