Alwan PrintStandardizer 5



Alwan PrintStandardizer 5

Alwan PrintStandardizer enables printers to print to standards and to improve their printing devices color match, quality, stability and productivity with a fully automated process control and calibration server.

Key Features

  • Consistent and repeatable colors
  • Standards Conformance
  • Time-Saving
  • Cost-Saving
  • Remote Quality Assurance monitoring

Product Brochure:
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Communication in the workflow

Alwan PrintStandardizer identifies customers’ expectations (aims and tolerances) of incoming jobs for accurate quality control on the press.

Consistent and repeatable colors

Alwan PrintStandardizer allows you to achieve consistent and unequaled color quality on CMYK, Spot and Multicolor printing processes. The software also helps you maintain color matching
throughout the print run and from job to job.

Quality insurance 

Alwan’s local and remote reporting enables you to track your jobs, your devices and your pressroom over time.


Standards conformance

Alwan PrintStandardizer supports International Standards, Specifications (G7® & ISO 12647 & ISO 15339/CGATS TR016) and any custom printing standard. Calibration to standards enables you to quickly match customers’ proof and honors their color expectations.


Alwan PrintStandardizer is a smart, automated and standardized calibration solution that identifies, corrects and maintains printer dot gain curves and gray balance eliminating manual systems and human errors. Easy to use in production, no specific color bar or calibration print sessions needed.

Cost Saving

Alwan PrintStandardizer helps you eliminate file or plate remakes and paper waste trying to achieve the right colors. Your savings are direct and quantifiable.

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