EIZO Foris FS2332



EIZO Foris FS2332

The FORIS FS2332 features EIZO’s original Smart Resolution imaging technology. Smart Resolution analyzes the displayed content and determines what should be adjusted and what should be left as is so you can enjoy higher levels of clarity and sharpness.

Key Features

  • Solid color quality
  • Wide-Angle IPS Panel
  • Multiple digital video inputs
  • Lots of advanced picture settings

Product Brochure:
Monitors - FORIS_FS2332.pdf

Wide-Angle IPS Panel

The IPS panel has 178° viewing angles and exhibits minimal change in contrast and hue when viewed from an angle. This allows two people to comfortably view the monitor at once when playing a game. The panel is also anti-glare which helps reduce eye fatigue. 

Input Lag of Less than One Frame

The input lag or the difference between the time a signal is input into the monitor and then shown on the screen is less than one frame. This is approximately 1/60th of a second, so gamers see the action as it happens and react immediately.

Overdrive Circuit for Faster Response Time

An overdrive circuit is included to reduce gray-to-gray response time to 6 ms and ensure that moving images look clean and sharp with minimum ghosting. This function has Standard and Enhanced modes. It can also be turned off if preferred.

Full HD Resolution

The 1920 × 1080 native resolution displays pixel-by-pixel all the content of full high-definition video sources such as Blu-ray discs and many of today's games without any black bars across the top and bottom of the screen.

Game Mode with Power Gamma

The FORIS FS2332 comes with a preset mode for gaming that activates an EIZO-developed feature called Power Gamma. This feature produces images that are vibrant and rich in detail. Power Gamma has two settings – “Power 1” which sharpens midtones and “Power 2” which brings out subtle differences in the low tones for better clarity in dark areas.

Inputs for PC and Console Gaming

Whether you do PC or console gaming or both, the FORIS FS2332 has an input connector to meet your needs. Dual HDMI inputs support PCs and gaming consoles as well as other audio-visual devices such as Blu-ray disc players and TV tuners. DVI-D and D-Sub inputs allow connection to PCs with digital and analog graphics boards respectively.


Diagonal Screen Size: 23 inches
Landscape/Portrait Pivot: No
Native Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Supported Video Formats: 1080p
Widescreen: Yes
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Video Interfaces: DVI, HDMI
PC Interfaces: Digital (DVI-D), HDMI
Pixel Response Time (Gray to Gray): 6 milliseconds

Rated Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Stand: Tilt: Yes
Stand: Swivel: No
Stand: Height: No
Height: 15.9 inches
Width: 21.6 inches
Depth: 8.3 inches
Weight: 13.7 lb
Warranty Parts: 58 months
Warranty Labor: 36 months

Color Matching Made Simple

Screen-to-Print Matching

Have you ever spent a lot of time editing a digital photo to get the colors just the way you want them only to see that the print looks nothing like what’s on your screen? You don’t have to be an expert in color management or spend a small fortune on equipment to get a good screen-to-print match. EIZO EasyPIX is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get solution that makes color matching simple. It consists of calibration software and a color sensor and is sold separately.

Accurate Color with Hardware Calibration

EIZO EasyPIX uses a process called hardware calibration which means it directly adjusts the monitor’s color settings instead of the PC’s graphics board to deliver accurate color. Color settings can be adjusted as follows: Color Matching Between Your Prints and Monitor EasyPIX also comes with a “Matching” mode for simple color matching between your prints and your monitor through paper white measurement. You can also select calibration presets for common tasks listed in the table below. This takes the guesswork out of assigning values for users with limited color management knowledge. • Brightness: 60 – 160 cd/m² • Color temperature: 5,000 K – 6,500 K • Gamut: Monitor native • Gamma: 1.8 to 2.4 

Gentle on the Eyes and Environment

23" High-Resolution Screen

This 23-inch screen offers 2 megapixels of space to minimize the amount of time you need to spend switching between windows and scrolling. It also offers ample space for displaying your thumbnails and then expanding them for viewing or retouching.

10-Bit Gamma Correction

This technology ensures smooth, accurate color tones by converting the 8-bit RGB (red, green, blue) signal data from the PC to 10-bits, assigning the ideal gamma values, then returning the data to 8-bit format for display.

Paper Mode That Simulates Printed Paper

Paper mode makes reading digital documents and ebooks more comfortable by adjusting the monitor's brightness, contrast ratio, and color temperature to simulate the look of printed paper.

Preset Modes for Optimum Viewing

Game, Cinema, sRGB, and Paper preset modes as well as modes for user-determined settings are included. Toggling between modes is done manually with the remote control or automatically by assigning a mode to a particular application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD software (Windows 7 and Vista compatible).

Energy-Saving LED Backlight

The LED backlight consumes less power than a conventional CCFL backlight. In addition, it is mercury free so it will have minimal environmental impact when disposed of.

Optimized Brightness

An ambient brightness sensor called "Auto EcoView" that detects changes in the ambient brightness and signals the backlight to adjust the screen brightness accordingly so it is never too dark or too bright.

Energy Efficiency Gauge

A gauge called "EcoView Index" indicates the level of power savings and equivalent amount of CO2 reduction compared to using the monitor without Auto EcoView activated.


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