With CuratOR, EIZO offers complete solutions for interventional radiology, the control room and the integrated OR. CuratOR from EIZO is designed specifically for the medical field. This means there are no limits in terms of developing solutions thanks to the comprehensive EIZO product line.

Key Features

  • Integrated OR
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Control Room


Flexibility, intuition, reliability, hygiene: These are the challenges that any OR integration process must overcome. You are ready for anything with EIZO CuratOR solutions.

A sample from the daily hospital routine

EIZO CuratOR Integrated OR

The most diverse imaging equipment is used in the OR, ranging from light cameras, endoscopes and room cameras. Radiological image viewing is critical for OR medical procedures. EIZO OR Solutions succeed in perfectly integrating all image technologies that are used in the OR.


Surgical Panel

Installed flush to the wall to save space, the Surgical Panel functions as the centerpiece of the operating room. The integrated PC is bundled into the hospital's IT and allows access to HIS and PACS.


Surgical monitor near OR table

The EX270W surgical monitors are located on the ceiling near the OR table — in the surgeon's direct vision. The OR team can see the displayed images from the endoscope, light camera, room camera modalities, as well as X-ray images of the patient.


OP Network

The Large Monitor Manager LMM0804 arranges the image display. Up to 8 input signals can be optionally switched to 4 outputs (video management).


Surgical Panels

Users can intuitively switch the different signal inputs using the software on the Surgical Panel or the mechanical buttons.


Depending on the project, the Large Monitor Managers can be installed in an intended technology room or also on the inside of the Surgical Panel to save space. To guarantee flawless image quality in the modalities, the internal TDL transmission lines are used to transmit image signals. Depending on need, there is a number of configuration options for equipping an integrated OR. That is why we take the time for clean and well-thought out project planning to meet our customers' requirements.


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Placing interventional radiology systems along with integrated ORs in one room requires innovative, flexible and user-friendly equipment. It also creates challenges for digital image display systems and the respective work processes.


Our Solution for Interventional Radiology

The proven EIZO technology gives radiologists in interventional radiology the complete picture.

EIZO Interventional Radiology Solution

The image data from all imaging systems, such as the C-arms, CT scanner or MRI scanner and data from the PACS can be collected using the Large Monitor Manager LMM0802 and simultaneously displayed on a large monitor LS580W.

Each respective image layout on the monitor can be individually configured using simple and intuitive control software. Also, surgical staff can use it directly on the OR table via a touchscreen or from the control room.

TDL Transmission lines

The TDL transmission lines from EIZO thus ensure complete transmission of the image signals, also over a greater distance.

Depending on the discipline, interventional radiology is subject to numerous demands. We would be happy to advise you on how your individual EIZO configuration could look.



With the control room solution from EIZO, you have a view of all images sources and can operate all systems from one workstation.

One solution for the control room

OP Network Build

In the control room of a hybrid OR or catheter lab, radiology assistants require optimal working conditions to give surgeons the best possible support during minimal invasive procedures. This includes controlling the devices in the OR and analyzing the images delivered by the imaging system during a medical procedure.


The LMM0802 from EIZO makes it possible to collect all image signals from different sources and display them on one large monitor, like the LX300W. All imaging systems can be operated and controlled using just a mouse and a keyboard.

OP workflow

This means that the surgical assistants no longer have to switch monitors when they work with different data and systems. This accelerates and simplifies the workflows and reduces potential operating errors. As an alternative, two workstations can also be set up, so that one person could be responsible for modalities and the other for PACS, for example.



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